The Indie Way: The World Of Writing Mentors

Hello Beautiful People,

I hope you are kicking off your weekend with some fabulous with all the hard work you have accomplished through the week or going for the "gold" still reaching your goals. Last month Kim Chance a writer I admire asked about writing mentors in one of her #chance2connect social media webinar she host monthly every 2nd Tuesday on Twitter. I never really thought about writing mentors before that night and I thought I would add it in my next quarter goals. So last quarter I decided I would do some research and if I like the benefits of writing mentors I'd consider getting a writing mentor of my very own. Here it is the new quarter, so for the past couple of weeks I have been researching the benefits of writing mentors and now I am currently looking for great writing mentors that offer services. In this post I thought I would share with you the wonderful benefits I have discovered about writing mentors. So any writer that was wondering about writing mentors I hope this helps you as well. Good luck on your writing journey 😊.

Professional Development

  • Writing is as much a business as it is a creative endeavor, so it’s important to stay aware of new developments in the field. Your mentors share information or point you in the right direction so you can do your own research.

Honest Feedback

  • All writers needs a reader’s perspective I think that is why beta readers where created to show us (the writers) when something isn’t working. We all need someone perspective before approaching a profession editor because we the writer will not catch everything we see in our own work So before we get to the a professional editor we need beta reader and/or CP and a Writing Mentor to point out plot holes, underdeveloped MCs and to gently tell you, “Try something else. This doesn’t work. You need to rework this this character or plot point.” Although creative energy needed to produce a good novel is often done by author alone in his/her “Imagination Cave”. Input from someone outside of your writing process can be invaluable and ignite new ideas to improve your writing.

Emotional Support

  • To be a writer is to face rejection on a regular basis. Some people don’t believe in you whether it is family, friends, or the ‘social people’. I am starting as an indie author, and I be doing it seriously since 2015 and I have learned way more than when I started, but it is rough going at it alone when you don’t have the emotional support you need. A writing mentor understands because they understand the literary industry and the turmoil many if not all writers go through in the writing journey and can give the emotional support you need.

Invaluable Connections

  • A writing mentor has been there he/she knows what it takes, and can offer trustworthy advice. A mentor can help open doors that might otherwise be closed to you and this benefits all newbie writers whether they have chosen to do self-publishing or traditional publishing.


  • Ultimately it up to the writer to do the writing and be responsible enough set aside time in a week to do the writing, but it doesn’t hurt to have a little extra help to be a gentle reminder. It’s easy to fool yourself out of writing, particularly when you hit a stumbling block. A writing mentor helps you set clear goals and then checks on you to make sure you’re meeting them. A good mentor will challenge you in ways you wouldn’t challenge yourself.




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