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I hope all is well? I hope your weekend will be great. Make the most of your day loves. With that being said I would like to kick the day off discussing the Top 3 things I believe make books successful or at least on everyone's radar specifically readers. These thing or useful to new writers, indie writers, seasoned writers, and traditional writers.

Top 3 Things To Get Locked On To The Reader's Radar

Book Reviews Release Day Blitz/Blog Tours Staying Active On Social Media

*Great Ways To Promote Your Book*

I have been doing some research on the benefits of Release Day Blitz incorporated with blogs and the potential success it can for an author's book. They are very beneficial together and even better if book reviews are included. So I have put together a list of bloggers that do atleast 1 or all the things on my Top 3 Things that I researched. You can researched them or connect with them when you have time.

Release Day Blitz/Blog Tours

Enticing Journey Book Promotions – BookReview/Release Day Blitz

Book Partners In Crime Promotions – BookReview/Release Day Blitz

Book Enthusiast Promotions – BookReview/Release Day Blitz

Book Junky Promotions – BookReview/Release Day Blitz.

Three Hearts Promotions – BookReview/Release Day Blitz

My Devotional Thoughts – Interview/Blog Tours/Release Day Blitz

Xpresso Book Tours

Whisper Stories – Book Reviews/Blog Tours

*** Bonus***

DDD - Fantasy Maps, Author Logos/Branding, & More...




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