The Indie Way: The Adventures of Editing Part 2

September 2, 2016

Hello Good Morning Beautiful People,


I haven't written in like a month so sorry about I have had alot going on as well as doing research for this post. So of you may or may not know that when I give these helpful tips it because I don't want other authors especially indie authors to go through the same situation I went through when I first start publishing. Don't misunderstand I am far from a seasoned writer, and I don't know everything. But what I do know I am willing  to pass along. I feel that with every book a writer writes it a new beginning, because in a sense you are back at square one, and with each book we write  we learn something new about ourselves weather you are beginner, exploring your nature as a writer, or a seasoned writer with a clear understanding of the world of writing. Through the process of revamping old book projects I have learned better ways to research the things I'll need during the final stages of the pre-editing process. So now I consider beta readers that are also are profession editors. Also I think about what way I want to promote each book, but writing now my main focus is the New Edition Entrapment Valhalla Legacy Book 1. The information I gathered I hope it helps. :-)


Your Top Search


EFA - Editorial Freelancers Association


Great Editing Options:
BookFly Design
Brittany Dory
Brittany Dowdle
Carla Barger
Carrie Cunn

Cassandra Marshall
Dominion Editorial
Elle Turner

Ex Libris Editing
Jeri Walker
KM Smith Writes

Matthew Patin
Naomi Long Eagleson
NarrativeInk Editing
Zara Hoffman
Sasha Knight


I hope this gives you a good start and if you don't like these you can always search EFA  or goodreads on your own. Have a wonderful weekend!!












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