The Indie Way: The Adventures of Editing Part 1

Hello Lovely Beauties,

Good Evening! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and had a wonderful week. I hope everyone goes into the next week with positive thinking and strive for success with passion and love for your dreams. I love acting, fashion design, philanthropy, and writing weather its books or screen plays or song lyrics I just love it I think writing is a beautiful form of artistry is sometimes taken for granted. Anyways I had a mishaps this past week and didn't save or couldn't recover a scene from Chapter 25 of Entrapment Extended/Expanded Edition, I was worried but not anymore because this time around the last few scenes will and that important will be even better and make Chapter 25 even better this time around. Well after this mishaps it occurred to me when I did the writing tip series The Indie Way that I didn't include something that is very important to the writing process *EDITING*.. so I will be talking about editing, beta reading, and book reviews.

When I decided to self publish I didn't grasp the severe importance of Pre-Editing. Pre-Editing is the editing the writer does before they send their writing to a professional editor or a beta reader for that matter. I just did basic edit after I edited as I went it wasn't thorough. In the Pre-Editing it is beneficial to have a critique partner and beta readers in the editing phase of the writing process. I was naive in my researching when I made the decision to self publish, but these same rules can apply to traditional publishing as well. Editing is crucial for when sending out query lettlers and manuscripts. A critique partner is a fellow writer that is writing in the same genre whether are doing young adult or adult novels or middle grade for that matter. I don't have that and I didn't have that in the beginning I had to rely on myself and a professional editor and hope that was a enough.

I didn't have knowledge of beta readers either. CP (critique partner is beneficial), but not absolutely necessary you can get beta readers as well or both never rule out one over the other. Both are great in the Pre-Editing phase of the writing process CPs can also be beta readers. My point is that before approach PE(professional editor) and Beta Reader/CP make sure your novel or story is polished and presentable enough send to them. I tend to edit as I go over my draft, but after that edit now I double edit and I take a week off or two and then go back and do 1 more final edit before I send it to anyone so even if I am doubtful I could feel more confident when I send them out I learned from my past mistakes. I don't won't future writers to make the same mistakes or similar mistakes, so I want them prepared and understand the Pre-Edit phase before approach any type of editor I a step by step suggest that I am currently implementing and for my future literary works.

Pre-Polish the manuscript before it gets the professior before they do a final polish and make it pristine!! ;-)

Pre-Editing Phase

Will this story be a novel or series/companion books?

Step 1: Pre-Editing

  • Option 1 - Edited as you go. Read each scene in the chapter read over your chapter. Review plot, setting, and make sure your purpose for that scene and chapter lines up the significance of the story and/or what you want the reader to feel and grasp when they read your story. Ask your self are you showing or telling and is their anything I am leaving out that be crucial to the overall purpose of the book or series? Make proper changes. Edit, Read, Review, Ask. Make Adjustments, and repeat. Once you satisfied take a breather and then go back for a final look through.

  • Option 2 - You can just keep writing and then edit once you finish or just edit the overall chapter as you go and then do the Edit, Read, Review, Ask, and Make Adjustment options from option 1.

Step 2: Beta Readers, Editors, and Critique Partners

Connect and get to know your fellow writers this should be done when you decide to become a writer and or do it for a living, and it may be a bit hard for introverts like me, but do your best. ;-)

  • Option 1 - Research Beta Reading and where to find beta readers. A good place is goodreads to look for beta readers or google search 'beta reading services'. Beta reader will critique your manuscript for free or you some will charge a small fee. Another option to consider is professional editors some offer critique service in which they critique your book before editing for a small fee and some may do it for free.

  • Option 2 - While connecting with writers you may find you really get along with who becomes a great friend and they might just be fit for becoming your critique partner they may also do beta reading on the side. You will help each other grow as writers.

  • Option 3 - Have a CP/ BR (Beta Readers) look over your manuscript in chunks as you finish finish your draft and then have a final beta reading critiques upon completion of your manuscript before approach the PE that will polish your manuscript to the best it can be in the final editing process.

*You can mix and mingle the options and use what best fits you*




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