The Indie Way: The Inside Pages! Hats Off!

Hello Lovely People,

I have been a busy bee finishing up my last two classes. I am officially done with school. I participated in the December 2015 graduating ceremony, but I will receive my degree this semester. Hats Off! Class 2016! College and High School Graduates! You worked hard and you finished! Now go follow your dreams where ever they may take you.


With that being said my loves, I want to get to part three of my helpful tips for indie writers or any writer for that matter. You know how experts say a book is 'judged by its cover' well I believe that is partially true. It is also judge by the inside pages of your book. I think the interior layout, formatting, and design is just as important I also believe you should try to match the inside of the book with the outside of the book the best you can. Remember this must be complete before the book cover.

Below are some good interior book formatting service providers I found.

*Penoaks Publishing did the interior for Entrapment, 1st Edition.

Interior Formatting Services:

Feel free to do more research on your own and check out these websites when you get a chance.

I hope these help.





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