Writer. Actress. Chocolate & Food Lover. Artist. Fashion Designer. Sassy. Cheeky. Mischievous. Entrepreneur. Dreamer. 

Brittanny Raquelle Stepney known professionally as Raquelle Stepney aka the Butterfly Queen is a quirky and goofy upcoming American author, actress, humanitarian, artist, and entrepreneur. She’s an artist and adventurer at heart, but is a Dallas, TX native.


She’s a lover of fashion, art, writing, and food especially chocolate. She is also an aspiring actress and entrepreneur. She adventurer and artist at heart and food lover especially chocolate. She’s a big fan of DC-Marvel comic TV shows and movies.


She enjoys sketching fashion illustrations, sewing, and painting-drawing in her spare time. When she’s not writing or reading she’s coming up with ways to use her talents and abilities to help other writers gain exposure and reach their full potential by offering invaluable tips through YouTube channel, Rising With Raquelle and coaching services, The Authorprenuer Butterfly on her website. She hopes to inspire others by going after her dreams.


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