Lyrical Heart

Feel the beat of an ever flowing heart filled with the joys and pains of life through an unraveled heart.  Words of wisdom that flow through the ages of learned life lessons. Poems bring life beats to the soul of an unyielding heart.   Songs that breathe rhythm to the heart. 

Lyrical  Heart is the expression of  an unchained heart expressed through a  brief memoir, monologue, motivation, and a collection of poems and songs.

The Blind Knight & The Maiden


 Two Stories

Blind Knight: An Amarah Chronicles Prequel

Chaotic Maiden: Eclipse of the Deep Trilogy Book 1

Coming Soon!

New By



Rise of the Legacy - eBook.jpg

The Five Chosen Born.

They Are The Legacy.

They inherited a destiny they did not want. A legacy of power that was sealed away from them.

Now they embark on a journey of self-discovery.

A war is coming and the fate of the world is resting on their shoulders.

The enemies of their ancestor’s past is back and stronger than ever.

A life of normalcy hangs in the balance.

In a world fated for destruction will they choose the world or themselves?

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